Our Fees

Application fee: New learners (Once-off) R800

Administration fee: All learners (Once-off) R1000 (annually)

Enrolment fee R 6 500

  1. Enrolment fee is refundable only if the child leaves during the 3-month probation.
  2. Enrolment fee is increased when child moves from Grade R to Grade 1.
  3. To secure your child’s space in his/her class, the enrolment fee needs to be paid as soon as possible.
  4. No child may be admitted to The Kindergarten unless the enrolment fee has been paid in full.


School Fees


3 Months – Grade R (06:00 – 14:00)Half DayR3 366R40 392
3 Months – Grade R (06:30 – 17:00)Full DayR3 666R43 992


After Care Fees


Ad-hoc (per day)From 13:30 – 18:00R140


Transport Fees (available to children from 3 years old)


FirstR1 439R17 268
SecondR1 319R15 828
ThirdR1 079R12 948


Sibling discount

10% for second child on tuition only (applicable only if second child is 3 years or older)
15% for third and subsequent children on tuition only (applicable only if third child is 3 years or older)

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