We started the renovation of The Kindergarten building late in 2015 and completed it in record time with very limited funds. Using massive amount of inspiration, motivation and the combined resources of very willing and capable participants, we managed to create a very special space, tailor-made for tots.

On Monday 8 February 2016, the toddlers crossed the threshold of the new building with wonder and excitement in their eyes. It truly is the start of something fresh and exciting and grand all at the same time. A boy was watching the new swings being hung on the first day and spontaneously commented: “This is the best school in the world!”

The Kindergarten now accepts children from 3 months to Grade R and will be open from Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 18:00.

The official opening of the new building is on Saturday, 7 May 2016 and we would like all Max Stibbe parents to attend! A letter will be sent out soon with all the details.