At The Kindergarten at Rosemary Hill that box has long been painted in vivid rainbow colours and transformed into a lantern, play-house, bird feeder or some very cool object you’ve never heard of…

Toddlers, when given free rein to their imagination, have endless ways in which to share their creativity. Without the freedom to express through art you cannot develop or nurture creativity. Without creativity, innovation is impossible. Without innovation, we’d still be living in caves, swinging clubs.

The Kindergarten in the east of Pretoria offers no formal academic instruction and an abundance of time for free play. Our teachers are trained and dedicated, cultivating an atmosphere of creativity and enriching the imaginations of our children, teaching by means of imitation rather than instruction.

Inside the classrooms, the children play with toys from all-natural materials like wood, wool and cotton that are more tactile than plastic. Stories, songs and rhymes during circle time are filled with rich vocabulary and beautiful imagery.

Outside the classroom (where a lot of activity happens every day) the little ones continue learning from nature, their teachers and each other. Meals are a communal affair with home cooked organic vegetables grown right here on the farm, delicious meats and a healthy serving of love.

Over the last 75 years a vast number of theorists and researchers from top universities around the world have identified the values of imaginative play as a vital component to the normal development of a child (language, math, interpersonal skills etc.) and these findings are widely published.

Why do we continue cheating our toddlers out of a childhood?

Think about it: what exactly is the point of a 5-year old being able to read or write…?

If you value fostering creativity and imagination as much as we do, please contact The Kindergarten at (012) 802 1175. We accept children from ages 3 months to 6 years.

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